Our floats come in a 16oz jar with your choice of our premium created flavors or create your own combinations. Each float comes with 2 scoops of chocolate or vanilla ice cream and 1 flavor filling. Floats are topped with everything from sprinkles, cereal, or candy to donuts, cookies or macaroons.  Premium flavors start at $8.99. Create your own flavors start at $8.99 for 2 scoops of Ice cream chocolate or vanilla, 1 filling and 3 topping selections.


Fluffernutter Float
Fluffernutter float topped with whipped cream, a chocolate chip cookie, cupcake and toasted fluffernutter.
Magically Delicious
Marshmallow Charm Cereal float w/ charm wonder donut topper.
Cookie Monster
Cookie monster float w/chocolate chip cookie and cookie monster wonder donut topper.
Fruity Pebbles
Fruity Pebbles float topped w/fruity pebble wonder donut..
Summertime Kawaii
Summertime Kawaii float topped w/ strawberry wonder donut and marshmallow peeps.
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